Video Surveillance For Less

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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If you believe you need to protect your family or your business but have be daunted by installation and monitoring costs, you might be surprised to find that, with today's technology, you can get a pretty sophisticated system of video surveillance for less than $100. Start by searching online for basic do-it-yourself security packages. Some of them include zone monitoring, color cameras, and recording devices as well as police notification options. Note that, if you need multiple cameras, your system will cost a little more.

These systems can be great for providing security for your home or small business, and you can even have the confidence of knowing that no technician knows what your system does and where the devices were placed. There are systems around that will not only sound horns and turn on flashing lights to deter an intruder, they will also notify your neighbors, the police, or your family. If the protection is needed while you're at work, you can even program your system to notify you by calling your cell phone.

Video Surveillance for Less Online

Advances in online sales technology allow Internet vendors to maintain low prices on their extensive inventories. This means that you can get the security products you need at great prices and that you can avoid the monitoring costs of an installed system. Many of these online offers are great for families or businesses with very small budgets, and they provide a basic level of security previously unavailable to most people.

When you're shopping for a basic video surveillance system online, you should look for some specific components. First, a wireless system means that you don't have to tear up your walls to install it. Second, your system should sound an alarm that will be heard all over your neighborhood and should automatically turn on lights all around the perimeter of your home or business. Third, there should be an auto-dialed notification function that will bring the police to your location. Finally, in addition to at least one camera, your system should include the components for multiple-zone detection.

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