Voice Activated Recorders

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Voice-activated recorders are the perfect devices for covert recording. These recorders only activate when they detect as sound. This is a great feature because you can leave the device on without unnecessarily using storage space. Likewise, you don't have to listen to long bits of silence between recordings.

Types of Voice-Activated Recorders

There are two main types of voice-activated recorders on the market. There are tape recorders and digital recorders. Tape recorders have been more popular in the past because most people are familiar with tape technology, the price is lower and a tape is produced immediately from the recording. Digital recorders, however, can record higher quality sound, store more recordings and because they are so small, they can be hidden more easily.

Voice-activated recorders can be used for phone conversation recording when connected to a phone line. The recorder will only record when the line is picked up, and it will record both sides of the conversation. The voice-activation feature allows the recorder to be connected to the phone for long periods of time without running out of tape space or digital memory. Some of the high-end machines have caller ID and date/time stamp features. These are useful features when multiple calls are being recorded.

Voice-activated recorders can also be used to record in-room conversations. This can either be covertly or out in the open. For example, you can use these recorders to secretly tape someone incriminating themselves, or you could use them to tape lectures, interviews or personal notes.

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