Wall Clock Hidden Cameras

Written by Ivan Gale
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Wall clock hidden cameras are part of the ingenious world of fully functioning, dual purpose covert video cameras. They look like a clock and function like a clock. Inside of that little body, though, there are some pretty serious spy equipment working there.

Wall clock Hidden Cameras Don't Sacrifice on Quality

It would seem that to make wall clock hidden cameras, certain corners would have to be cut to make it fit into such a small space. Not so. In fact, this product comes with some pretty fancy upgrades. One of them is to buy the version that can see in almost total darkness.

That means the specifications call for a very low lux, which means how much or how little light is needed for the camera to see properly. Wall clock hidden cameras also can be bought with a high-power version, which means its wireless signal is greatly improved. With a strong signal, the receiver can be place very far away, perhaps as far as 1,000 feet away provided there is a clear line of sight.

A wired wall clock camera, a wireless one - there are many choices. One can also choose between a black and white camera, versus one with color. But that's a fact of life with buying hidden cameras. It just means there is much to learn for anyone considering purchasing this gadgetry.

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