Wireless Hidden Camera

Written by Christa Gatewood
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The benefits of a hidden camera are countless. They can be used to watch a child care provider, a housekeeping service, remodeling contractors, housesitters, and anyone else with unsupervised access to your home. The most important thing about a hidden camera is making sure it stays hidden.

Keeping a Hidden Camera Hidden

There is nothing worse than trying to be covert and being found out. This can cause a very uncomfortable situation with the subject of the deception. To prevent this unfortunate situation, the best thing is to buy the most discreet hidden camera possible. A camera can be hidden in an everyday object that doesn't attract much attention. The only problem is that if there are wires coming from that object that shouldn't be, that could be a red flag. For example, if someone sees a cute teddy bear on a shelf and notices there are wires running down its back, they might be suspicious.

Wireless cameras solve this problem brilliantly. Instead of having to connect the camera to a television, VCR or digital recording device using wires, these cameras have a built in transmitter. The transmitter sends the data to a receiver as far as 150 feet away. The receiver is connected to the TV, VCR or DVR.

Wireless cameras are typically about $100 more expensive than their wired counterparts. Their added benefits, however, make up for the increased price. If you want to save some money, the black and white wireless cameras are about $100 less than the color wireless cameras.

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