Wireless Nanny Cams

Written by Christa Gatewood
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When using a hidden camera to keep an eye on a child care provider, a wireless camera is the best choice. Objects that have several wires attached can appear suspicious and might attract unwanted attention. The last thing you want is your nanny cam accidentally discovered.

Wireless cameras on average are about $100 more than their wired equivalents, but they offer numerous advantages. For one, all of the equipment is contained within the unit, lending greater credibility to its disguise. Secondly, the recorder can be further away from the camera. The wireless transmitters and receivers can usually communicate up to 150 feet away. The recorder can be hidden in a closet or a room that is not frequently used by the target. This will help keep suspicions low.

Options Available for Wireless Nanny Cams

Nanny cams come in either the black and white version or the color version. The color versions are typically about $100 more than the same camera in black and white. Color is very nice to look at, but it works best when there is good or great light available. If you plan on recording in an area that is often dark or outside at night, black and white would be the better choice. Black and white cameras also record with a higher field of view. For these reasons, as well as the price, black and white cameras are by far the more popular of the two.

Nanny cams can be found in a variety of different secret objects. Some of the best wireless options are the air purifier cameras, smoke detector cameras, and motion detector cameras. These objects are all placed on the wall or ceiling so they offer the best views of a room. The more of a room you can see, the more comfortable you will feel that you know what is going on in your absence.

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