Wireless Security Cameras

Written by Ivan Gale
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For as long as there have been wireless security cameras, early adopters have eagerly sought out the newest and most dynamic models. One exciting product is the button camera. Its crowning accomplishment is housing a high-quality camera in a button!

Wireless security cameras

Now any collared shirt can be a powerful surveillance tool thanks to these wireless security cameras. The camera itself measures just one-third of an inch wide behind a button that works. When these wireless security cameras are purchased, power supplies and battery packs are included.

The weight of this spy equipment is staggeringly light, though, to make it seem like a natural button. Choosing the black and white version of this button camera will yield slightly better resolution. While most cameras come in both wired and wireless form, this button camera only comes attached to wires.

The resolution obtained from these tiny covert spy cameras aren't bad, yielding around 270,000 pixels for the captured images. The power these little setups need are nine volt. That yields somewhere around five to 10 hours of camera use, depending on the exact camera.

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