Wireless Video Surveillance

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Today, there are hundreds of choices to make when it comes to wireless video surveillance equipment. You will find an incredible selection of new high tech tools and "toys" that will allow you to monitor any site. Before you buy, however, you should be sure you investigate the laws in your city, state, or country to make sure you are not purchasing equipment that is illegal where you plan to use it.

Wireless video cameras can now be concealed in everything from pens to clocks, from light fixtures to stuffed animals, and more. If you are a parent who wants to be able to monitor a babysitter, a stuffed bear might be the best choice. If you own or operate a nursing home or child care center, you may want to consider placing wireless video cams in every single room and making them very visible. In fact, in those situations, it is a plus to post notice that the cams are in place.

When to Use Wireless Video Surveillance

Clearly, using a wireless camera is preferable in those situations when it is inconvenient or costly to string cable wires. A wireless camera works the same way any wireless transmitter works, by sending a radio signal to a receiver. In this case, however, it is transmitting a picture. If you would like the option of being able to move your surveillance equipment at will, wireless is the way to go.

Wireless cameras can be mounted virtually anywhere. Many come in interesting disguises so that they don't have to be mounted at all. You can find wireless surveillance cameras encased in alarm clocks, portable radios, light fixtures, and more. Providing ease of use and portability, wireless cameras are fast becoming a prime choice in those situations where camera invisibility is desirable.

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