Aircraft Illustrations

Written by Rylee Newton
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One of the best ways to ensure you are purchasing original airplane collectibles is to check with your local retailer to make sure they feature aircraft illustrations from original artwork. Many museums commission artists to design items for their gift shops. It's always nice when the artist has some personal experience with airplanes or flying or a military background. These three things ensure that an artist captures the spirit and specifics of each model he or she draws.

Aircraft illustrations are used on everything from baseball caps to mugs to t-shirts and vintage airplane posters. Typically, artists who excel in the field of illustrating the world of flight have a technical understanding of the mechanics of flight. They have access to detailed photos of different planes through the years, and add a personal touch to them depending on their clients.

Capturing the Memories with Aircraft Illustrations

Museums, charter companies, and non-profit organizations commission aircraft illustrations to help generate income for future exhibits. As is often the case when people are in the presence of these amazing machines, whether it's a model of the Wright Brothers' plane, or World War II fighter planes, they want to take something with them to remember the experience.

There's something about airplane memorabilia that appeals to people young and old. Many years ago it seemed impossible to believe man would ever fly, let alone fly so far or so fast as we do today. For years commercial airlines have given a pair of wings to their young passengers to commemorate their first flights. It's something this simple that helps firm memories. Whether you just watched your first air show, you flew an aircraft in the military, or you just have a love of model planes, there's something out there for everyone.

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