Airplane Collectibles

Written by Rylee Newton
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I remember the first time I got on an airplane. I was with my grandparents on the way to New York City. I was scared at first, but it seemed too safe to worry about, and soon I was watching a movie, eating a snack, and playing cards with my brother. At the end of the trip, I received a pair of wings from one of the flight attendants. It was such a simple token of the trip, but I wore those wings for weeks on end. Every time I looked at them I remembered the thrill of flying, and how amazing it was to get on a plane in Oregon, and get off that same plane in New York City.

I am much older now, but I still love airplane collectibles. They are great gifts for people young and old. Over the years I have received everything from vintage airplane posters to a number of different t-shirts celebrating my fascination with flight. I can't tell you how exciting it is every time I receive another item for my collection.

Airplane Collectibles from Kitty Hawk to Cape Canaveral

One of the best places to find original airplane collectibles is to visit local museums. The gift store usually has a number of items to choose from, including hats, aircraft posters and even playing cards. You would be surprised at the amount of detail that goes into these items. They are usually made to commemorate exhibits at the museum. This means you get a different variety every time a new exhibit is featured.

You can find airplane collectibles all over the country, and on the Internet. I once traveled to Kitty Hawk, South Dakota to visit the site of the Wright Brothers' first flight. There are locations like this all over the country that celebrate milestones in flight from the first airplane to the first spaceship.

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