Airplane Mugs

Written by Rylee Newton
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Whether you spent the afternoon at the Museum of Flight, or you attended an air show for the 4th of July, nothing offers you a chance to hold onto your love of airplanes like airplane mugs. For a very low price you can go home with a sturdy and useful item to remind you of your afternoon. These mugs typically feature things like event names and dates, and also feature detailed airplane illustrations.

Airplane mugs make a great present for the flight enthusiasts. These are people who love to look at planes, watch them in the sky, and may even be people who are pursuing flight instruction. There's something about flight that defies logic. If you're on the many people out there who is fascinated by the whole thing, and celebrate this interest with family and friends.

Celebrating Service with Airplane Mugs

Airplane mugs make a simple gift for reunions of military personnel. This reunions are especially exciting for men and women who served together in combat years ago, and are just now getting a chance to catch up with one another. I know my grandfather appreciated meeting with his fellow soldiers. He still talks about it to this day. A coffee mug is a simple gift, but it is one that is used almost every day. It provides a daily reminder of the pride one takes in serving his or her country.

You can find pictures of these and other airplane collectibles online. There are several Internet-based companies that cater to museums, charter companies, and even flight instruction schools, to create original items such as mugs, t-shirts, baseball caps, and posters.

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