B-2 Spirit

Written by Rylee Newton
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With the B-2 Spirit the U.S. Air Force has established its role as a dominant force in the defense of the United States and its allies around the globe. There's nothing as awe-inspiring as catching a glimpse of one of these aircraft in the air. I've seen my share of military aircraft pictures, but nothing looks like this high-tech, high-power machine. It looks and acts like a stingray: dangerous, sleek and silent.

The B-2 Spirit is a bomber aircraft that is designed to deliver conventional bombs and nuclear munitions. This is one of the "stealth" bombers you hear so much about. It is capable of sneaking past the most advanced detection devices, and into enemy territory. Not only is this aircraft hard to find, it's also extremely fast, and has a large payload capacity.

The Record Setting Performance of the B-2 Spirit

The first B-2 Spirit was made available for viewing in 1988. Since then, these aircraft have proven themselves in combat. The main operations base for these planes is Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. To demonstrate the amazing fuel capacity and speed of this aircraft, consider this: one of these planes once flew a single mission from Missouri to Afghanistan and back. This is a distance record to date for this model of aircraft.

There are a number of websites and different companies that create airplane collectibles dedicated to the stealth line of bombers. You can find things like t-shirts, coffee mugs, and poster just to name a few. They typically feature stunning images of this one of a kind aircraft.

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