B-52b Stratofortress

Written by Rylee Newton
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The B-52B Stratofortress is a mighty airplane that was designed for large scale bombing missions as well as reconnaissance missions. It can travel at speeds up to 630 miles per hour and can carry a maximum bomb load of 43,000 pounds. This aircraft was specifically designed for long-range strategic bombing. If you want to see more images of this aircraft, there are many websites that feature airplane pictures for some of the most popular American aircraft ever made.

The B-52B Stratofortress was one of the first planes to be equipped with a high-tech navigation and bombing system. The 93rd Bombardment Wing at Castle Air Force base in California used a fleet of these planes for training pilots how to fly B-52s. This line of aircraft underwent several modifications, which led to name many different models of the bomber known to most of us simply as B-52s.

Airplane Collectibles Featuring the B-52B Stratofortress

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