F-14 Tomcat

Written by Rylee Newton
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When it comes to aircraft merchandise, many of you have seen the images of the F-14 Tomcat all over the Internet, at your local toy store, and at the museum gift shops. This is one of the most recognizable airplanes in the world. The Tomcat is a supersonic jet that is used for reconnaissance missions as well as fighter plane duties such as air defense, and strikes against ground targets.

When you think of the F-14 Tomcat; think power and precision. This plane is capable of achieving speeds in excess of mach 2. It's equipped with four cannons, and can hold up to 13,000 pounds of missiles. It's manned by two people; a pilot and a radar intercept officer.

Ushering in the Modern Era with the F-14 Tomcat

These high-tech features make the F-14 Tomcat one of the most amazing advancements in airplane technology. You can see these planes at museums around the country, and at air shows in the summertime. In the years since humans first took to the air, it's hard to imagine how far we have come in so little time. If you get the chance to see this jet in person, I highly recommend you do it.

A quick search around the Internet will reveal just how popular the Tomcat is when it comes to airplane collectibles. There are many different artists and illustrators who have created original artwork for everything from t-shirts to baseball caps to sweatpants. You can find images of the Tomcat on coffee mugs and even posters dedicated to the unbelievable aircraft.

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