F-15 Eagle

Written by Rylee Newton
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The F-15 Eagle is a modern aircraft that was first introduced in 1979, and has since been used in UN missions, NATO missions and in the Persian Gulf War. It is equipped with air-to-air missiles, a six-barrel cannon on the front and four Sidewinder missiles. It can travel in excess of 1,800 miles per hour or Mach 2.5. This is truly a high-powered, high-speed aircraft to be to match any previous planes.

Pilots who have flown the F-15 Eagle praise its maneuverability and versatility. With this amazing aircraft the U.S. Air Force has gained superiority in the air for years. These jets are equipped with high-tech equipment that allows pilots and crewmembers to track enemy aircraft from long distances. It's virtually impossible to ambush this tactical machine.

Catch an F-15 Eagle If You Can

If you want to experience the awe of the F-15 Eagle you can view these planes in person at air shows, and at museums across the country. You can find airplane pictures like the one on this site all over the Internet. In my experience, you can't watch one of these aircraft fly though the sky, and not develop an interest in them. They are so fascinating you'll want to see them every chance you get.

One way to honor the men and women who have designed, flown and maintained these planes is through things like baseball caps and airplane mugs. These are simple items that contain detailed illustrations of your favorite aircraft. They honor not only the airplane's contribution to history, but also its contribution to the safety of the world as a whole.

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