F-16 Falcon

Written by Rylee Newton
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The F-16 Falcon is one of the most popular fighter planes in military history. Over the years more than 4,000 F-16s have rolled off the assembly line, and they still continue to be built today. They feature high-tech radars and other electronic systems, and are known for their long-range capabilities. Other aircraft have been developed over the years, but the F-16 has remained a consistent performance machine.

The F-16 Falcon has been produced for several different nations to meet their specific needs. These countries include Denmark, Greece, and Turkey just to name a few. The demand for this aircraft speaks to its quality, durability and affordability. The international community has spoken up for this plane, and the reviews are excellent.

Where to Find More Information About the F-16 Falcon

You can find more information about the specifics of the F-16 Falcon online. There are several websites dedicated to pilots who share their personal experiences with these planes. These websites typically provide airplane pictures and other aircraft merchandise that celebrates the history of this and many other fine American planes.

There are museums around the country and across Europe that celebrate the history of the F-16. Many times museums offer one of a kind items in their gift shops. They make a great gift for anyone interested in flight and the history of a particular aircraft. You can also find interesting items at local air shows and other exhibits dedicated to educating people about these fine airplanes.

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