F-4e Phantom

Written by Rylee Newton
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The F-4E Phantom was originally designed as a fighter-bomber plane back in 1958. This was an exciting time in airplane manufacturing. At the end of World War II the race to become the next best plane was on the minds of all the major military contractors. This meant high quality engineering and innovations in airplane technology. Up until the mid '70s, the Air Force used F-4s for its Thunderbird demonstration team. This plane also saw action in the Persian Gulf War.

While the F-4E Phantom was retired by the U.S. military in 1996 it is still used today by at least eight different nations. This plane was used in Vietnam and in the Persian Gulf War and in 38 years of service it has been responsible for nearly 300 air-to-air victories and the destruction of anti-aircraft sites around the world.

The Proud History of the F-4E Phantom

The F-4E Phantom was the first aircraft used by the Air Force, the Marines and U.S. Navy at the same time. It was also the only plane used by both the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds concurrently. Forces from Australia, Egypt, South Korea, Greece and Japan have all used this airplane.

The men and women who have flown this aircraft praise it for its work ethic and stability. You can see it in action today at air shows and other flight exhibitions around the country. This is also one of the most popular planes for aircraft merchandise like model airplanes and clothing such as t-shirts, sweatpants, and baseball caps. You can find airplane collectibles online, at flight museums, and at special events.

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