F-86 Sabre Jet

Written by Rylee Newton
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The F-86 Sabre Jet was a line of airplanes used first during the Korean War. There were several different models that served two different functions. One type was designed to be a fighter plane or low-level bomber. The other type was designed to be interceptors that were adept in all sorts of climates and conditions. Across the board, these were high-speed planes, capable of traveling up to 650 miles per hour. Over a six-year period several models of the Sabre held world speed records.

U.S. production of the F-86 Sabre Jet discontinued in 1956. Not before the line set several more speed records, and proved itself a battle worthy fighter plane. Many consider this the best fighter plane of its age.

Showdown: F-86 Sabre Jet Versus the Russian MiG-15

The F-86 Sabre Jet introduced several new technologies to airplane manufacturing. These included speed brakes, powered controls, pressurized cockpits to name a few. Pilots who flew this plane claim its engineering was second to none, even going so far as to suggest an intuitive relationship between pilot and plane. These planes are often compared to the Russian MiG planes of the time. In many ways they were known to out perform MiGs. They had an amazing ability to climb quickly, and dive even faster. Many consider this the only airplane capable of taking on the Russian MiG aircraft.

Aircraft illustrations show you the unique features of this amazing machine. You can also view these planes at flight museums, private collections, and special air shows around the country. Most of these locations offer aircraft merchandise so you can take home something to remind you of Sabre airplanes and the brave men who flew them.

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