F101b Voodoo

Written by Rylee Newton
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The F101b Voodoo was originally designed to be a bomber escort plane, but was modified before it saw active duty in the U.S. military. It was then used for tactical missions as well as air defense operations. Of the planes that were used for reconnaissance missions the Voodoo was the world's first supersonic photo-recon aircraft. This is some feat when you think about all the uses we have since found for photo reconnaissance.

One of the most important uses for F101b Voodoo jets was during the Cuban Missile Crisis. These planes were used to fly over potential missile storage facilities and provide proof of the threat of armament and potential war. Thanks to these airplanes and the diplomatic efforts of government officials the Cold War never escalated to more than a conflict of ideology.

Preventing Conflict with The F101b Voodoo

You can find airplane pictures online that provide you with accurate images of the F101b Voodoo. This is a magnificent plane that has served our country, and the mission of global peace for many years. Nothing is more important in the early stages of combat than accurate photographs of potential threats. When a jet plane is able to provide quality photographs without endangering its crew and other military personnel, a level of security is achieved at a low cost to human welfare. This is especially important as we saw in the case of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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