F4f Wildcat

Written by Rylee Newton
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The F4F Wildcat was an American fighter plane used in World War II. For many years it was one of the main aircraft used by the U.S. Navy for carrier based missions. These planes made several important contributions to the pursuit and preservation of freedom around the globe. In fact, in December of 1940 two of these planes made history when they gunned down a German airplane, making the Wildcat the first American-made aircraft to do so.

Over the years, the F4F Wildcat built up a reputation as a dependable and reliable fighter plane. Fighter pilots from the Marines and the Navy flew these planes in all major battles in the Pacific during World War II. If you've ever picked up a book on the history of the war, you've seen these planes and many other Navy aircraft pictures. No discussion of the U.S. role in the Second World War would be complete without discussing these flagship planes.

Honoring the Brave Men Who Flew the F4F Wildcat into Battle

The F4F Wildcat was equipped with six Browning machine guns, and two 100-pound bombs. Pilots who flew these planes into battle often engaged in close range combat with enemy planes. These pilots underwent hours of tactical training, and made sacrifice upon sacrifice in the service of their country and the greater service of world peace.

If you know someone who fought in World War II, you know their experiences not only changed their lives, but the way the world is today. We owe these men for many of the freedoms we enjoy. One way to honor their achievements is through celebrating the memory of their aircraft. This is a great gift for not just people who have had personal experience with planes like the Wildcat, but for anyone who has a love and appreciation for the world of flight.

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