F6f Hellcat

Written by Rylee Newton
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The F6F Hellcat was the primary fighter plane used aboard Naval vessels for the last two years of the Pacific Theater of World War II. They were equipped with one of the most powerful engines available for that time. This provided for greater speed, endurance and fuel capacity. All these elements add up to longer more successful combat missions. During the course of the conflict roughly 12,000 Hellcats were produced.

One of the greatest achievements of the F6F Hellcat line of airplanes came during the battle of The Philippine Sea where when Hellcat pilots destroyed 160 enemy aircraft in the course of an afternoon. To this day you can find stories of heroism online of the men involved in this amazing feat.

The Versatility of the F6F Hellcat

The F6F Hellcat was also used as a reconnaissance airplane and as a fighter-bomber of the skies of the Pacific Ocean. They were primarily responsible for bombing Japanese naval vessels and supply vessels. They could be loaded with as much as 2,000 pounds of bombs. In addition, these planes were capable of reaching speeds of up to 375 miles per hour. This allowed pilots to escape enemy fire, and return unharmed to their ships.

You can find airplane pictures online that provide specific details for this model of plane. You can also find details about where to find exhibits that feature the Hellcat. It's worth taking a look at one of the most famous fighter planes in American history. It's also a great idea to look into the airplane collectibles available at most of these museums and special events. Collectibles make great gifts for everyone from former soldiers, people who collect model planes, and flight enthusiasts alike.

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