P-38 Lightning

Written by Rylee Newton
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The P-38 Lightning has been described as the "most versatile aircraft used in World War II." It was the originally designed to be the fighter plane used by Ace pilots during the conflict over the Pacific Ocean. It was later modified to become one of the best reconnaissance planes and an excellent option for nighttime missions as well.

Due to its design specifications the P-38 Lightning came to be known as the "Fork-Tailed Devil." You will find testimonials from fighter pilots and crewmembers that claim to have seen this plane coming from miles away and were filled with a sense of relief. Among the men who have flown this aircraft the best features are acceleration, rate of climb, and the ability to outrun and out dive many other comparable aircraft.

Where to See the P-38 Lightning

If you're a fan of the P-38 Lightning, you may be able to view them first hand at your nearest flight museum. These museums are all over the country, and are especially popular in locations where the aircraft are manufactured, military bases, and historical flight locations. When you visit these museums it's a great idea to stop by their gift shops on the way out. Nothing is better for remembering your afternoon than airplane collectibles. These include things like t-shirts, baseball caps, and posters.

If you do a little research you'll discover the unique design of these planes makes them great candidates for memorabilia. You can find airplane pictures online that will give you an idea of the majesty and power of this highly esteemed fighting machine.

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