P-51d Mustang

Written by Rylee Newton
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The P-51D Mustang was built at the request of the British government in 1940. It was originally a plane that was to be used primarily for reconnaissance missions and ground support. This is due to the fact that it had a limited ability to perform at higher altitudes. With some minor adjustments the first P-51s saw combat in the skies over Europe by 1943. They served as escort planes for other fighter planes and bombers. By the end of the war, this model of airplane had destroyed nearly 5,000 enemy planes, setting a record for fighter planes in Europe.

During World War II P-51D Mustang planes were used to escort planes and later in the Korean War primarily as ground support. These planes are equipped with six machine guns, and ten 5" rockets or 2,000 pounds of bombs. They are capable of reaching speeds up to just over 400 miles per hour. They were withdrawn from combat in 1953.

Where Can I View More Pictures of the P-51D Mustang?

You can view an actual P-51D Mustang at the US Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. Or you can look for military aircraft pictures online. This is a great way to get an initial view of this aircraft, and learn more about the specifics of it. There are also several websites dedicated to the men who flew and serviced these aircraft through several American conflicts. These websites also have amazing stories from downed plane survivors, as well as some amazing battle stories.

If you want to celebrate the history of this fine airplane, you can find all kinds of airplane collectibles at museums around the country, or online at the websites dedicated to promoting and preserving the memory of these planes.

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