Academic Trophies

Written by Charles Peacock
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Motivating kids to perform well in school isn't always the easiest task. To some children, high academic achievement comes naturally. To others (and the great majority of children is probably included in this group) inspiration and recognition of hard work go a long way towards keeping them at the top of their game.

Academic Trophies as Inspiration

In recent years, the issue has been raised whether or not we reward our children too freely. Many people think that congratulating kids for satisfactory work that should simply be expected from them creates a culture of mediocrity. While I believe this to be true (to an extent), there is still room for rewarding children for truly working hard and pursuing excellence.

Many schools present awards at the end of each year for students who rose above the rest. When I was in high school, we had awards for all of the major fields of study: science, history, mathematics, language and the creative arts. The feeling at the awards ceremony was never one of "who is best;" instead, it was an exciting time where we learned who worked the hardest during that year.

Giving out academic awards serves more than one purpose. On one hand, it lets your kids know that they (and their hard work) are appreciated. On the other hand, it serves to inspire them to continue to work hard. It also inspires kids who don't happen to win to work harder to achieve those heights.

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