Acrylic Trophies

Written by Charles Peacock
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For a long time, awards and trophies all tended to look the same. If you saw one plaque you saw them all: wood backing, metal plating on the front, perhaps some fancy engraving. These days, the use of acrylic resins in trophy production has literally revolutionized the way they look--and without much added cost.

Advantages of Acrylic Trophies

The problem with making trophies out of wood, metal or glass was that you were somewhat limited in your design capabilities. Carving special shapes was always possible, but it was labor-intensive and expensive. Computer-aided design and acrylic polymers has changed all of that.

Acrylic trophies can be made in virtually any shape, and the really neat thing about them is that they're see-through. You can even adjust the coloring and opacity of the trophy to your liking. In addition to all of this, acrylic is perfectly suited for highly visible engraving.

In the form of a finished-product trophy, acrylic tends to look like glass or crystal. It is has a nice heavy feel to it, and it reflects light beautifully. Unlike crystal and glass, however, it is much more durable and less prone to cracking or breaking. In many ways, acrylic is perfectly suited for awards and trophies of all varieties! Acrylic trophies have become extremely popular for business customers when they need to give out attractive awards recognizing employee achievement and excellence.

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