Apple Awards

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Educators build our society from the ground up with mostly raw materials. And for their labor, they often go unnoticed and under appreciated. But, without their tireless efforts on behalf of children and young adults, our hopes for the future would be grim. We owe it to our educators to recognize the job they do and have done.

The relationship of apples with teachers is a connection that goes back far into American history. While the exact origin is unclear, most likely teachers in the old days were given food and other items as a form of payment for their services. Because apples were in great supply, teachers probably received a lot of them from their students.

While teachers are still relatively underpaid, the gift of an apple is less practical and more symbolic. In modern times the gift of an apple award is one way to let special teachers know how much their hard work is valued. Apple awards are specifically designed for educators and make decorative as well as functional gifts.

Gifts for Teachers and Administrators

There are a variety of different kinds of gifts for educators available in the marketplace. An apple made of glass, marble, crystal or brass that is engraved with an inspirational quote or a simple message of thanks makes a special and everlasting gift for a teacher. As well, an apple could be added to a base or a plaque to make a truly unique award.

Some people would like to give more functional gifts. For those people some excellent gift ideas include desk clocks, letter openers, pen and pencil sets, and paperweights. Likewise, hand bells can be very useful for a teacher and are as symbolic of teaching as apples. Keeping control of a class of sometimes upwards of 40 students can be a very challenging task and having the use of a hand bell can be very helpful.

When to Recognize a Teacher

Teachers come to work every day without any fanfare and provide a service to the community that would make many people pull their hair out. Every day they deserve a standing ovation. But, sometimes it's hard to know when it's appropriate to give a special gift of thanks to a teacher.

National Teacher Appreciation Week usually falls in the early part of May. Obviously this is a perfect opportunity to honor a teacher. During this week, teachers are afforded the validation they don't necessarily get throughout the year. For many teachers it is a jumpstart to their "batteries" which have been drained over the course of the school year. And, of course, gifts are usually associated with the holiday season or a birthday and those too are great times to present a teacher with an award of recognition.

But, sometimes the best time to show someone your appreciation is when it is unexpected. The surprise gift that comes for no other reason than just to say "Thank you," is often the gift that is never forgotten. Teachers aren't just special during Teacher Appreciation Week or on the holidays or on their birthdays. They are special all the year through.

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