Apple Paper Weights

Written by Christa Gatewood
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One great gift for a teacher or educational administrator is an apple paperweight. Everybody knows that working in education comes with a lot of paperwork. Whether the gift is for a principal or a math teacher, they are sure to have use for a paperweight.

Personalizing a Paperweight

Paperweights have come a long way. Now you can get beautiful crystal paperweights engraved with a logo, artwork or the message of your choice. Giving a personalized gift has special meaning because it shows that you not only spent time and money on the gift itself, but you also took the time to tailor it specifically for the recipient.

There are many different things that could be engraved on a paperweight. The school's mascot or motto could be engraved on it, or it could be engraved with the teacher's name. For small classes, all of the student's names could be engraved. Engraving such as this is often sand-etched for a beautiful finish. Some may think engraving would cost a lot more than just buying the item itself. That's not true. Engraving is often free with the purchase of such a gift. There will, however, be a maximum number of letters that can be engraved.

A personalized paperweight will last for a long time and serve as a constant reminder of how much a person is appreciated. Gifts of money or foodstuff will not have such staying power. Those gifts also cannot be displayed with pride by a teacher or administrator. Those looking for a gift that will be unique, personal, functional and long lasting have found engraved paperweights to be an option.

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