Apples For Teachers

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Giving an apple to the teacher is a long practiced custom in our country. These days, however, a real apple may not be enough to show your appreciation. So in keeping with the theme of apples some have chosen to give the gift of a sculptured apple instead.

Different Kinds of Apples For Teachers

Apples come in all types. For example, you can buy golden apples that connote excellence. Several teaching associations have adopted the "Golden Apple" as their form of teacher award making it a universal gift for special teachers everywhere. Some people have decided to organize their own awards ceremonies in their local schools and give Golden Apples to the best teachers of the year.

Another idea is to give a polished red marble apple. These apples look good enough to eat. But because they are sculpted, they can also be engraved. A favorite quote about teachers could be engraved on the apple or even just the date of the gift. Because marble is heavy, these apples could also be used as paperweights.

The apple theme has also been carried over into other functional gifts for teachers. One of these is the apple clock. With a clock face inlaid into the sculpted clock, this gift is not only symbolic, it is very useful. Another example is a hollowed apple box made of wood. These boxes could hold a teacher's paper clips or thumbtacks while sitting stylishly on his/her desk. Both of these items are excellent candidates for engraving to add a special and personal touch.

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