Award Certificates

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Everyone knows how great it feels to accomplish something. One of the ways we mark achievement is by giving and receiving award certificates. Certificates are an inexpensive way to commemorate an occasion and make someone feel special about a particular accomplishment. Anyone with a computer can design the perfect certificate for any occasion whether it is to declare someone the "Best Principal Ever" or simply to recognize participation.

Certificates are also nice because they can be kept forever. They can be put in a scrapbook or framed and hung on the wall. We all have certificates from our childhood we received for all the little things that mattered. And finding those certificates makes us smile and remember all of the activities we did in our youth.

Award Certificates for Teachers and Students

A nice idea for a gift to a teacher is to give a certificate naming them the "World's Best Teacher" or some other grand title. Rolling the certificate up and binding it with a ribbon is a popular presentation. Framing a certificate also makes a lovely presentation. There are very inexpensive certificate holders available in the marketplace. Teachers would also appreciate a collection of blank certificates they could design for their students.

Many teachers give certificates to their students to motivate them. It's important to make children feel special about the things they accomplish in their young lives. Awarding students with certificates for their participation in school activities like a spelling bee, math competition, or an art fair is a great idea. Children can feel pride about their participation even if they didn't win the competition.

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