Award Plaques

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Award plaques immediately connote accomplishment. Plaques can be proudly displayed in a home, office or classroom and often describe the exact accomplishment being recognized. They are a popular way to recognize the hard work of an educator.

Types of Award Plaques

There are many different kinds of award plaques available in the marketplace. Plaques can be made with engraved plates and insignias and/or with three-dimensional objects attached. Those specially designed for a teacher might have a sculpted apple attached or a hand bell on a stand or incorporate a blackboard. These types of plaques are extra special because they are not at all generic.

Teachers are not the only ones, however, who have a hand in educating our children. Schools also have large support staff that keep them running smoothly. Oftentimes these people are also role models for children and deserve recognition. For those looking for a gift for an exceptional bus driver, a plaque with a brass bus attached is an appropriate choice. Also a plaque recognizing the contribution of members of the custodial department is sure to be greatly appreciated.

Some schools have instituted teacher of the month awards. For that award, a plaque with multiple plates attached can recognize many teachers over the years. The teacher of the month is often voted on by students or parents or even other teachers. This has proven to be a wonderful motivational tool as well as a way to make a teacher feel appreciated and a school to foster a positive community.

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