Award Ribbons

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Award ribbons are often used to recognize everyone who participates in a particular event. Children participate in a variety of activities in their young lives. They play in little leagues, take part in academic competitions, and compete in spelling bees, etc. But the reality of those events is that everyone can't come in first. Giving out award ribbons allow every child to feel as if they have accomplished something whether it is first place, second place, or last place.

Children love to keep and display the ribbons they receive. Ribbons are also easy to put in scrapbooks to keep forever. Sometimes children need a motivator to get them to try their hardest at a task. Award ribbons are inexpensive ways to motivate a child. They range in price from as little as $0.40 up to a few dollars.

Custom Award Ribbons

Award ribbons can also be customized to suit any need. A school's logo can easily be printed on the ribbon. Place finishes can also be marked as high as desired if the ribbons are custom printed. Stock ribbons often only go up to fifth place. So, if there are many children that should be recognized, having ribbons specially printed can be the solution.

Teachers are sure to appreciate the gift of a collection of award ribbons they could use in their classroom or school. Many schools don't have a lot of resources for such expenditures, and teachers often have to fund things like this out of their own pockets. Giving teachers supplies they can use with students is a great way to support their work.

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