Basketball Trophies

Written by Linda Alexander
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Did you know that you can create your own basketball trophies online? When you shop at an online trophy dealer, very often you are able to choose the trophy you want, its size, and what you would like engraved on it. It's a simple process that helps you complete your shopping quickly.

You might be buying basketball trophies for the entire team, or just for certain individuals who excel at the sport. If you are buying in quantity, ask about price breaks at a certain quantity. Many children's teams, for example, award trophies to all of their players just for participation. But if you need individual awards, you will have to buy them separately. Chances are, you will want to personalize each award anyway.

Personalizing Basketball Trophies

There are different ways to customize trophies. You should always include the recipient's name on the trophy, along with the title of the award and the date. That way the winner can always look back and remember what he or she did to earn that title. Another idea is to put the team's name on it, the location, and the event, such as a particular game or tournament.

Some basketball trophies have room for engraving right on them. Others are stock trophies where the engraving is done on a separate metal plate, which is then attached to the trophy. You can also choose from different styles and sizes, ranging from the traditional statue to imaginative acrylic designs.

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