Bowling Trophies

Written by Charles Peacock
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Bowlers are always proud of their sport, and the memorabilia and accessories they surround themselves with only prove this point. From custom bowling balls to personalized bowling shirts and ball bags, bowling accessories in many ways define the sport. For this same reason, bowling trophies are a crucial part of the sport--they are cherished (and prominently displayed) by anyone lucky enough to call himself a championship bowler.

Types of Bowling Trophies

One neat thing about bowling is that, unlike many other sports, it exists in varying degrees of seriousness. Bowling can be an afternoon pastime, or it can also be a televised national event. Some bowlers consider it a hobby, others a profession. It can be a way of blowing off steam, or a way of making a living.

Regardless of the seriousness or standing of a particular bowling league, trophies are usually a necessity. Bowlers love celebrating their accomplishments (in the very least with a cold beer), and trophies are a great way of immortalizing their accomplishments. Many local bowling leagues have coveted trophies that are passed on each year to the league champions.

Bowling trophies are available in all shapes and sizes, from the metal bowler statuette to the bronzed bowling ball and pins. One fun way to spruce up your local league is to give out personalized trophies for all sorts of unique (and unusual) accomplishments. In addition to trophies for best bowler, you can give out awards for things like best dressed, most punctual and funniest.

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