Brass Hand Bells

Written by Christa Gatewood
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The occupation of teaching has been around for centuries. Likewise, the hand bell has symbolized the profession for ages. Years ago, the brass hand bell was used by educators to call their students to class. Whether it was to signal the beginning of school or the end of a break, these were very useful tools for teachers.

These days, technology has mostly replaced the hand bell with pre-wired mechanized bells that work on a timer. However, the usefulness of a hand bell has not diminished. Within a classroom, a hand bell can be a helpful tool for a teacher to keep control of his/her classroom and to mark periods of time throughout the class.

Brass Hand Bells as Gifts

Brass hand bells can also be given to teachers as a symbolic gift of thanks. They can be custom designed for a personal touch. They come in varying sizes from extra small to extra large and make a lovely addition to a teacher's desk. Hand bells can also be engraved with a personal message for the recipient. Many people choose to engrave a meaningful quote about the teaching profession or a message of thanks.

A hand bell could also be attached to a base to make an attractive and symbolic trophy. The base and/or the bell can be engraved. Another option is to have a plaque made with a brass hand bell attached. A plaque can be proudly displayed in the teacher's classroom or office. Hand bells also come in different shapes other than the traditional one. Hand bells can be found in the shape of an apple. These bells are doubly symbolic for the teaching profession. They also can be engraved for a special touch.

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