Certificate Awards

Written by Charles Peacock
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People love official-looking awards and certificates. There's something special about receiving an award for a job well done, whether it's at work, in school or on the playing field. If you're looking to buy awards for a particular occasion you certainly have a lot of options--one of which is the official certificate award.

Ordering Certificate Awards

Unless you have a relationship with a local printing shop (or you're handy with computer design programs) you may have no idea where to order custom certificate awards. Most local printing shops can handle the job themselves, although in many cases they actually order what you need from a manufacturer that specializes in official documents and certificates. To save a little money, it's always a good idea to go directly to the source.

There are tons of award and certificate manufacturers online who you can order from directly on their websites. These manufacturers stock dozens of different types of ready-made certificates, from academic awards to prizes for athletic achievement. If you're looking for a common type of design, you can simply order these pre-made certificates and have them printed with the names of your recipients.

In cases where you need a totally customized set of certificates, you can usually have the entire document designed to your specifications. You can pick out the paper stock, color and any special designs you require for your certificates. Then you simply work with the manufacturer to lay out the text exactly as you need it. This type of custom certificate will usually cost a bit more, although the price always drops if you're ordering in large quantities.

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