Certificate Frames

Written by Charles Peacock
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Over the course of our lives we receive a lot of "official" pieces of paper: birth certificates, diplomas, awards and other types of certifications. Some of these we quietly stuff away in a drawer; others we like to put on display. If you have a document that you want to display on your home or office wall, the first thing you should do is have it framed.

The advantages of framing important documents are obvious. First of all, framing is a great way to protect your document against folding and general deterioration. If you choose a frame with special UV-resistant glass, you can also make sure that it doesn't fade from exposure to light.

Finding Certificate Frames

Any local frame shop is a good source for certificate frames. Since the shop should be able to make custom frames in virtually any size, you shouldn't have a hard time finding something that suits your special document. Another advantage of going to a frame shop is that you can see and feel the frame before you buy. You can even try out a few different frames before making a final choice.

Buying certificate frames online is also an option, and it has its own advantages. Most official diplomas and documents are printed on common paper sizes, and an online frame shop will have frame suited for the majority of these sizes. If you choose a website that specializes in document framing, they may also have some elegant designs that are specifically tailored for important documents.

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