Cheerleading Trophies

Written by Charles Peacock
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Cheerleading is a popular and integral part of many schools' athletic programs, and like the athletes on the sports teams it's important to recognize the accomplishments of your cheerleaders. Whether or not your cheer team competes directly in tournaments with other schools, a great way to celebrate their achievements is to give trophies to members of the team. You may not have known that cheerleading trophies exist, but in fact there are many different kinds designed expressly for this purpose!

Varieties of Cheerleading Trophies

If your cheerleading team is competing in a big cheerleading tournament, you should definitely get a trophy for each and every member of the squad--win or lose. The fact that they made it that far is a big enough accomplishment to warrant some type of reward. Besides, a trophy will give them something to remember their special year and all the hard work they put into making their squad great.

Even if your team does not compete with other schools, trophies can still be a great way of saying thank you. Let's say you have a girl who came out of nowhere and made a particularly strong contribution to this year's squad. Giving her a "most improved" award or even a "cheerleader of the year" award will certainly make her and her squadmates proud.

If you'd simply like to do something nice for your entire squad, getting a small trophy for everyone is a great way to say thanks. There are cute, customizeable trophies with a cheerleader statuette on top that you can engrave with the name of each cheerleader. Giving one to everyone on your team shows them that their hard work and determination were appreciated.

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