Written by Linda Alexander
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Clocks are a high-value gift that will last for years. There are very few promotional products for the desk that actually get used, and even fewer that get used often. Since there is so little room left on people's desks, choose a gift that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Using Clocks

People look at clocks several times a day, even several times an hour. If you want your logo to be seen hundreds or thousands of times over the course of a few years, a clock is a great way to advertise. Think of the mileage you will get out of a clock versus, say, a pen or a mug.

Another feature that makes clocks such a great award or gift is that everybody uses them! You don't have to worry that your high-priced gift will be thrown in the garbage or will run out of ink after a few months. Instead, your clock will sit on someone's desk, looking sharp, being used by not just the person whose desk it is, but by her colleagues that walk by as well.

Since everybody in the office needs a clock, you might consider giving the gift of a wall clock instead of a desk clock. That way your clock will be used more often, and more people will see your message. Every time someone looks at the clock, they will see your company's name and remember your generosity.

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