Coach Appreciation Awards

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Like teachers, coaches play a large and significant part in the life of a child. The contribution they make by instilling the values of hard work, sportsmanship, and fair play in the hearts of young athletes is immeasurable. Everyone who has ever played a sport can remember the impact a coach had on their lives.

Coaching is a challenging job. Coaches not only have to teach the game to their players, they also have to deal with the pressures of losing, parents, administrations and sometimes even overzealous communities. Often coaches are paid very little for their efforts and are only lauded when their players win. But, without coaches, a child would never learn the valuable lessons that organized sports can teach.

Awards to Recognize Outstanding Coaches

Probably the single item most associated with coaches is the coach's whistle. The gift of to a coach of a gold coach's whistle is a one way to recognize all the hard work a coach puts in. The whistle can be engraved with the word "COACH" or with the team's name. Whistles such as these come in nice wooden boxes and can also have an engraving plate attached. A longer message can be engraved on the box because there is more space. This is a gift that can be used on the field or displayed in its box for others to see.

Another great gift idea for a coach is a key chain. A custom key chain can made with the team's mascot or logo engraved in the brass. A coach's name can also be engraved for a more personal touch.

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