Corporate Awards

Written by Linda Alexander
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Are you tired of those boring corporate awards ceremonies where the CEO, whom you've never met, hands awards out to a list of the same winners every year? Why not add the element of surprise to your awards program to keep it fresh? With so many options available in styles and prices of corporate awards, you can now afford to do something different.

According to many trophy shop owners, the demand for innovative awards is rising all the time. As a result, manufacturers have come out with an array of interesting trophies, plaques, and awards, so you don't have to stick with traditional trophies or paperweights each year. Presenting the awards at random times is another way to keep your program fresh.

Varying Corporate Awards for Effect

Online trophy shops allow even the most basic budgets to afford corporate awards. And who doesn't like to be recognized? So even if you're a small company, you can now afford to recognize your employees for their dedication to your team. A practical gift such as a desk clock is sure to get plenty of use while reminding the recipient of his or her achievement. At the same time, a wall plaque keeps the moment alive forever by commemorating special achievements.

Vary your awards ceremony and give the gifts from the bottom of your heart. Making it personal means more to people, and will get better results, than giving the same old stale awards away to the same achievers all the time. Introduce something new to your employees and they will thank you with more effort and loyalty than ever before.

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