Corporate Plaques

Written by Linda Alexander
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Corporate plaques are a classic way for companies to reward employees and high achievers. While a monetary prize might be spent as quickly as it is awarded, corporate plaques are a lasting gift that reminds people of your awards program and its winners. Most recipients are only too happy to hang their plaques up for all to see.

Anybody who receives a plaque or has their name added to one is likely to keep it for years to come. It's a great way for your company to do some shameless self-promotion, because each time somebody sees your plaque, they will think of your company, especially if the plaque has your logo on it. Long after your awards ceremony, the plaque is cherished by its owner and displayed proudly.

Other Uses for Corporate Plaques

Employee recognition is only one way to use corporate plaques. Many nonprofits use plaques to thank volunteers for their hard work or thank donors for their contributions. Plaques are used to honor heroes in everyday life, as well as to recognize academic achievement in schools.

Another place people use plaques are at events. Dated commemorative plaques help people remember important events like company anniversaries and sales volume achievements. They can also be used to memorialize people who have passed away that you want to honor and remember. Whatever your need for plaques, they are a timeless and lasting gift as well as an impressive way to honor people.

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