Corporate Recognition Awards

Written by Charles Peacock
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Too many companies take the hard work and determination of their employees for granted. It is an unfair (and dangerous) attitude to assume that your employees should always do their best for the company--without recognition and the occasional reward, they simply would have very little reason to do so. For this reason, corporate recognition awards can be an easy (and important) way to say thank you to your valuable employees.

Reward Your Employees for a Job Well Done

There are a few obvious occasions for giving out awards in the workplace. Some companies like to name an Employee of the Month--a simple and yet effective way to show employees that you are paying attention and you appreciate a job well done. In addition, it's very common to give an award to an employee who has been with the company for a lengthy period of time.

Aside from these obvious awards, however, there are many other reasons to celebrate the accomplishments of your employees. While you don't want to clog up their shelves with trophies and plaques, it's important to reward your employees as often as possible. Don't be afraid to cite them at random for excellence on a particular project, or even during particularly difficult periods for the company.

Employee awards have important psychological effects. They make your employees feel appreciated, and they remind them of the benefits of working hard. In addition, they give people something to strive for--seeing an award on the wall in many cases will make other employees want to achieve the same sort of recognition.

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