Crystal Paper Weights

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Crystal paperweights are the perfect gift to customize. Plain paperweights are rarely seen around anymore and that's because it is so easy to make a truly unique gift through etching on crystal. The smooth geometric shapes in crystal make these paperweights a lovely addition to any desk. What's more, they are extremely useful in keeping papers in their proper place.

Crystal paperweights come in as many shapes as you can imagine. There are paperweights shaped like boxes, icebergs, stars, or even hearts. By far, however, the most popular shape for a paperweight is the circular one. But even within the circular category there are variations to choose from. They can be found with hard angular edges, beveled edges, scalloped edges or jagged edges.

Engraving Crystal Paperweights

The flat surface of a paperweight lends itself perfectly to engraving. The engraving options are as vast as your imagination. For a clean and elegant look a simple blocked initial is an excellent choice. This would make a great gift for anyone young or old. Likewise, a good idea would be to have a monogram engraved or even the name of the recipient.

Another good idea would be to have a company or school logo engraved on a paperweight. Ordering a lot of these paperweights and giving them out to faculty and staff would make a great holiday gift or a gift for any occasion. Also inspirational quotes or messages would be a nice thing to have engraved. Bulk pricing can be found at a discount.

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