Custom Ribbons

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Award ribbons are essential motivating tools for students and athletes. They are awarded for excellence in a particular arena or simply for participation. Receiving an award ribbon may seem like a small thing, certainly they don't carry the weight of significance of a trophy, but they do make a child feel proud for a job well done.

Ribbons come in a variety of different colors to choose from. For the most part, all of the colors of the rainbow are available. Some colors carry special significance, however. For example, the blue ribbon usually corresponds to the first place prize and the red ribbon usually corresponds to second place. Otherwise, the color of ribbon is left to the discretion of the buyer.

Customizing Ribbons for Award Recognition

Award ribbons can be customized with anything imaginable. A school's logo can be printed on the ribbon as well as the name of the competition being recognized. The place finish the ribbon represents can also be imprinted. Choosing to customize ribbons rather than buying stock ribbons allows participants to be recognized to as high of a place finish as needed.

Buying custom ribbon is extremely affordable. The simple satin award ribbons can be found for less than $.50 each and can be found even cheaper when bought in bulk. The rosette ribbons that are a little more decorative are also a little more expensive. They range from as little as $2 to as much as $7 or $8. Custom imprinting should be included in the price when you buy the ribbons.

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