Desk Clocks

Written by Christa Gatewood
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An appropriate gift for those who spend a lot of time at their desks is a handsome desk clock. Desk clocks are not only extremely useful, they also make an attractive addition to any desk. They make a perfect gift for an anniversary, a milestone birthday, the holidays or even retirement.

There are many different varieties of desk clocks available in the marketplace. In fact, it is their variety that makes them charming. Desk clocks can be found shaped like desk chairs, with moving pendulums, and dual faces to keep track of time in other time zones, or like simple wooden box clocks. The possibilities are endless.

Gifting Educators with Desk Clocks

Giving an educator a desk clock as a gift is not only a practical idea, it is also a thoughtful one. Teachers often plan their lessons to correspond with time increments and watching the clock throughout their lessons is a necessity. Desk clocks are an easy way to keep a lesson on track.

There are several different types of desk clocks that would be perfect for an educator. Perhaps the most symbolic clock would be one shaped like an apple. Apples for the teacher are a time-honored tradition. And a gift of a sculpted apple with an inlaid clock face carries on that tradition. A desk clock can also be made with an engraving plate attached. An inspirational phrase or an acknowledgment of the great work of a teacher would be a great message to engrave on the desk clock.

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