Desk Plaque

Written by Christa Gatewood
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A desk plaque is a variation on the award plaques usually given to mark a particular achievement. The difference is that a desk plaque usually is affixed to a base so that it can stand upright on a desk. These are nice because they don't take up wall space and they are attractive desk accessories.

Any plaque can be made into a desk plaque by affixing it to a base. Plaque bases can be found online sold separately for very affordable prices. For those who have received a number of plaques throughout their career and would like to start displaying them on a bookshelf or a glass cabinet, turning a wall plaque into a desk plaque is a great option.

Types of Desk Plaques

Desk plaques are made from several different materials. One popular kind of desk plaque is made out of crystal acrylic plastic. These are nice because they have sleek clean lines and can be read from both sides, although on one side the engraving would be reversed. Plaques such as these are not only given as awards for achievement, they can be used to display a company logo or a school's mascot or logo.

Desk plaques can also be constructed from wood. When made with wood, a metal engraving plate is typically affixed rather than engraving into the wood itself. These are more typically used as awards for excellence, but they can also be made to indicate the name and title of the desk's owner. These plaques can be found in a variety of different wood options including oak, walnut and mahogany.

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