Display Boxes

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Display boxes are used in many different facets of society. They can be used to showcase merchandise, awards, or collectibles. There is a broad range of display boxes available. The appropriate type depends entirely on what is going to be displayed.

Displaying collectibles is an essential part of any collecting hobby. If you collect dolls, sports memorabilia, antique toys, stamps, coins or anything, having a way to show them off is a must. But display boxes are not only a way to showcase a collection; they are also a way to protect a collection from the elements or from the prying hands of others. Keeping a collection in tip-top shape is critical to maintaining its value.

Display Boxes for Awards

Receiving an award is a great honor and so of course you want to display it as best you can. Investing in a display box is a great way to concentrate awards in one location and to keep them looking their best. Display boxes come in various sizes and dimensions. They can be as large as a bookcase or small enough to fit on a desk and all of the sizes in between.

Display boxes are mostly made of clear plastic or glass on all sides so that the object inside is visible from all angles. While glass is heavier and may look more expensive, remember that glass is easily broken, so if there are children around plastic may be a safer option. Because children receive a lot of award ribbons and trophies, plastic display boxes are a great idea for a child's bedroom or a classroom.

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