Employee Awards

Written by Linda Alexander
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Companies can take their employee awards further than ever before by thinking of creative ways to incorporate them into company events. Anniversaries and company picnics are ideal times to reinforce a corporation's commitment to its customers and its employees. It's a time to restate company missions and goals, and adding this into employee awards spreads the message wide.

One idea is to publicize awards in a new and different way. If you're giving a special award at a company picnic, for instance, you might print the award wording on a scroll, roll it up, and mail it out with a cover letter. You could also put the message on promotional items like pens, stickers, and notepads, and include them with all outgoing correspondence.

This not only makes employee awards seem more prestigious to the winners, but promotes your company's mission and the event itself. It lets customers know how much you value their contributions and the hard work of your employees. Don't be surprised if such a promotion increases sales right after the announcement is sent out.

Promoting Contests and Employee Awards

You could do the same if you are running a contest. If the prize is something large like a car, you could promote the award by handing out key tags or plastic keys that symbolize the keys to the prize. Doing so also gives people a keepsake of your event, which will keep the promotion alive for the future.

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