Executive Gift Clocks

Written by Christa Gatewood
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For those who work in an office setting, a desk becomes a private sanctuary, a home away from home. Some people cover their desks with file holders, family photos and other knick-knacks. Some people like to keep an immaculate desk that is sparsely covered. But most people, whether obsessively clean or compulsively messy will find a clock a very useful accessory for their desks.

Anyone who is looking for a great gift for the businessperson, will most likely consider an elegant desk clock. These clocks come in a variety of styles suitable for a casual work environment or a formal work environment. Clocks can be made from brushed metal, wood or glass. The wooden clocks come in a variety of types of wood including the very prestigious looking polished mahogany.

Choosing the Right Executive Gift Clock

When buying a clock as a gift it is important to choose an appropriate style for the recipient. Those giving a clock to an educator may want to choose one of the more whimsical clocks since an educational environment is fairly relaxed. However, if someone were giving a clock to a cousin who works on Wall Street, a sleek metallic clock made from brushed nickel or a formal clock with a cherry finish might make a better choice. The most important thing with this gift is to make sure the clock blends in with the office decor of the recipient.

Executive clocks can be found for a variety of prices. The nicer wood ones can cost over $100. The others can found for less than $20. Another great option is to engrave the clock for an extra touch. When buying a clock from an engraving store, the engraving should be included in the price.

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