Football Awards

Written by Charles Peacock
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There comes a time in every football season when the final touchdown has been scored, the final whistle has blown, and it's time to remember and recap the season that was. It's during this time that awards are given out--both for the championship and for individual players who excelled on their team and in their league. Most football leagues (whether amateur or professional) give out the same types of awards: things like most valuable player, best offensive and defensive players, and most improved player.

Choosing Your Football Awards

If you're in charge of ordering the awards for your football team, you'll be happy to learn that there are enough sizes and designs to fit any team's budget. Most trophies are actually cheaper than you might think, and they usually drop in price depending on how many you order. There are also customized trophies made for virtually any position on a football team.

For a team that won a league championship, you'll want to buy a trophy that can be displayed either in the school's athletic offices or in the main trophy display case. A good choice for this type of trophy is the gold-plated football mounted on an engraved base. Resembling the NFL's Vince Lombardi award, this trophy is immediately recognizable as a football championship trophy--without even having to read the engraving on the base.

If you want to hand out awards to your best offensive and defensive players, you can actually get trophies with statuettes of each position. There are receiver trophies, linebacker trophies, and of course quarterback and running back trophies. And don't forget your coach--the guy in charge of keeping the team running should always get an award to remember his great season.

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