Gift Letter Openers

Written by Christa Gatewood
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There are as many letter openers available in the marketplace as can be imagined. They cover a lot of different themes making it easy to choose one for anyone. This is a great gift because they are useful for everyone since everyone has mail to open. Letter openers are great additions to someone's desk and some of the designs are so wacky that they make great conversation starters.

Types of Letter Openers

Letter openers can be found to suit anybody's taste. For a more conservative person a traditional brass, wood, or pewter letter opener is a good idea. For those looking for a letter opener for a teacher or administrator, one that incorporates a symbolic medallion such as a medallion engraved with a lamp of knowledge should be considered. The length of the opener can also be engraved with a short message.

For a more whimsical approach, consider a letter opener shaped like a sword. Believe it or not, sword letter openers are very popular and come in a number of different variations. Letter openers that are miniature replicas of Excalibur, samurai swords and many other kinds of swords are available. They even come with their own miniature sheaths.

If neither the traditional letter opener nor the whimsical letter opener is appropriate for the recipient, there is a middle ground. Some letter openers have dual functions. For instance, a letter opener with a small clock inlaid in the handle or one with a magnifier attached makes a great gift. These are unique gifts that would appeal to anyone.

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